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Au Chocolait….mmmm…

19 May

Cocoa butter or chocolate for the body as I like to call it is the most inexpensive luxurious raw beauty product you can find! Smells divine, looks good enough to eat! Its extremely nourishing for the skin. Cocoa butter comes from cocoa beans which are found on cocoa trees grown in South America and Africa. It protects the skin and adds softness to whatever it is added to. I like to use it in Bath melts.You add the melts to a nice warm bath and hey presto you are moisturized! The layer of cocoa butter floating on the surface of the bath water clings to your skin. When you exit the bath you still have a beautiful soft layer of nourishing cocoa on your skin. Just gently pat away the water from your body and you are ready to get dressed. Its so much nicer than the artifical cocoa butter smell we have been served for the past few years! If anyone is interested in getting their hands or body into some of this keep an eye on my website where Bathmelts will be available early June….