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Au Chocolait….mmmm…

19 May

Cocoa butter or chocolate for the body as I like to call it is the most inexpensive luxurious raw beauty product you can find! Smells divine, looks good enough to eat! Its extremely nourishing for the skin. Cocoa butter comes from cocoa beans which are found on cocoa trees grown in South America and Africa. It protects the skin and adds softness to whatever it is added to. I like to use it in Bath melts.You add the melts to a nice warm bath and hey presto you are moisturized! The layer of cocoa butter floating on the surface of the bath water clings to your skin. When you exit the bath you still have a beautiful soft layer of nourishing cocoa on your skin. Just gently pat away the water from your body and you are ready to get dressed. Its so much nicer than the artifical cocoa butter smell we have been served for the past few years! If anyone is interested in getting their hands or body into some of this keep an eye on my website where Bathmelts will be available early June….


Naturally feeling Zesty!!

1 Aug

Ahhh… more rain! Don’t you just need something to give you that summer feeling! Well fear not, here in Kilkenny I have created summer in a soap. Of course I  used Organic rapeseed oil from Ireland as the base and infused it with some Lemon essential oil and some Lime essential oil, its a citrusy ‘wake me up’ soap with a fantastic creamy lather. It has a good kick to it! I used some ground dried spinach to give a nice green colour.  I prefer to use what nature gives us rather than concocting colours and in Labs.  I have left the batch of soap to cure and it should be ready in 4-6 weeks. I am looking forward to experimenting with the wild blackberries. Last year I made 50 pounds of jam from around the ditches on the farm, this year I am going to use some of them to colour and scent soap, should be interesting!!!

Irish Eco Rose

16 Jul

Ah…. how relaxing to hop into a bath full of rose petals, lights dimmed, Lavender and Rose oils scent the air. Economical luxury at its best. As I was making Rose bath bombs this evening it brought me back to where I first discovered the true value of the petals. Down in Babs Foyles thatched cottage making a rose perfume with her to refill old perfume bottles. I would collect the petals and we would marinate them for a day or two. I wouldn’t go home until the perfume was done. It was smelltastic!! Romantic with a hint of dew.  I still think Roses are magic and despite cleaning the side of the bath after bath bombs  they stilll make you want to bypass the shower and relax for an hour in the bath!

Celtic Irish beauty recipe research!

4 Jul

As I was researching some recipes today I accidentally discovered an amazing use for beehives. When monasteries first set up in Ireland they regularly kept beehives in the uppermost part of their towers! Then when the vikings were attacking the towers looking for valuables the monks would break off the hive, agitate the bees and then throw it down at the vikings!! Imagine thousands of angry bees after you. Anyhow the reason I was researching the beehive was because honey shows up in nearly every culture dating back centuries. Honey is an invaluable source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and energy. Honey and beeswax have always played a huge part in cosmetics and can be found everywhere. Honey is antimicrobial and retains moisture in the skin. Try putting some honey on your face as a mask, relax for 30 min and you will see the benefits immediately. As I have my own hives the honey that I use is raw, therefore full of enzymes which are fantastic for boosting tired skin. As for my three little girls here honey is a daily food on porridge or toast for breakfast and yes the first time they saw me with honey on my face they thought it was hilarious! A sticky situation but worth it!

Where is the summer?

29 Jun

 Hi All,

Welcome to my blog! Its nearly July and where is the summer? I have just spent a whole evening making natural sunscreen for my three girls!! I carefully melted cocoa butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, distilled water and of the most important ingredient ‘Zinc Oxide’. Zinc Oxide blocks the UV rays and is also fab for dry, itchy skin. I applied it to my own face for testing purposes. Although it made me look a bit whiter than my usual milk bottle tone I am happy to say it blocked the sun (Well the 40min of sun that shone in Chatsworth!!). I feel better now that I am prepared if a heatwave arrives unannounced. Tomorrow I am going to the Pride of Place competition in Abbeyleix where I will have glycerin soaps, bath salts and moisturiser bars on sale, no nasty chemicals involved. All the stalls there are local and all produce high quality goods. Its amazing what you find when you go to your local Farmer’s Market!

Hello world!

29 Jun

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