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Naturally feeling Zesty!!

1 Aug

Ahhh… more rain! Don’t you just need something to give you that summer feeling! Well fear not, here in Kilkenny I have created summer in a soap. Of course I  used Organic rapeseed oil from Ireland as the base and infused it with some Lemon essential oil and some Lime essential oil, its a citrusy ‘wake me up’ soap with a fantastic creamy lather. It has a good kick to it! I used some ground dried spinach to give a nice green colour.  I prefer to use what nature gives us rather than concocting colours and in Labs.  I have left the batch of soap to cure and it should be ready in 4-6 weeks. I am looking forward to experimenting with the wild blackberries. Last year I made 50 pounds of jam from around the ditches on the farm, this year I am going to use some of them to colour and scent soap, should be interesting!!!


Where is the summer?

29 Jun

 Hi All,

Welcome to my blog! Its nearly July and where is the summer? I have just spent a whole evening making natural sunscreen for my three girls!! I carefully melted cocoa butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, distilled water and of the most important ingredient ‘Zinc Oxide’. Zinc Oxide blocks the UV rays and is also fab for dry, itchy skin. I applied it to my own face for testing purposes. Although it made me look a bit whiter than my usual milk bottle tone I am happy to say it blocked the sun (Well the 40min of sun that shone in Chatsworth!!). I feel better now that I am prepared if a heatwave arrives unannounced. Tomorrow I am going to the Pride of Place competition in Abbeyleix where I will have glycerin soaps, bath salts and moisturiser bars on sale, no nasty chemicals involved. All the stalls there are local and all produce high quality goods. Its amazing what you find when you go to your local Farmer’s Market!